Focus on Scent Research!

Scent Research follows its own rules!
Understanding the mechanism of consumer-scent-perception is key for a successful scent research.

Why use specific Scent Research?

- Help develop/select the best scent/fragrance submission for products, not the least inappropriate one(s)!

- Increase the differentiation between scent candidates towards coherence.

Scent has a much greater impact than we are consciously aware of *!

It instantly...

- initiates a myriade of memories

- impacts mood

- even affects work performance

But not only that!  
Here is an underestimated fact:
an IMAGINED smell (e.g. prompted by a picture, a pack,...) is as POWERFUL as a real smell!

Our brain hardly makes the difference!

Decoding consumer scent PERCEPTION and/or EXPECTATIONS is crucial for cohesive products/brands!

* Closely interlinked with our emotional brain (limbic system) and our long-term memory (hippocampus) scent perception instantly leads to an emotional reaction!

WHEN to apply Consumer Scent Research?
When it's not just about liking, but liking for what?! Make sure to be on track with target consumer's scent expectation!


  • Formulation Change*
    You need to replace an ingredient(s) due to regulations or quality issues? ALERT! Changing a product base or perfume formula can affect the overall product-scent perception! It is crucial to check the consumers' perceived emotional scent communication to avoid product/brand damage!
    = Consumer-Centric Emotional Check
  • Scent Expectation (imprint)*...
    You wish to create a winning fragrance brief? Words, colours, concepts instantly get consumers' sensorial imagination going. Scent associations and expectations are clear, way before smelling!
    Understand consumers’ associative memory and expectations right from the start! Refine your scent strategy and/or briefs.
    = Consumer-Centric Fragrance Brief
  • Scent Selection** (incl. emotional scent decoding)
    You need to choose scent submissions out of first fragrance propositions? The first selection is crucial for the success of the following development steps. It is not about choosing the the most liked or the least inappropriate submission(s)! It's about choosing the best one(s) for your target and their expectations!
    = Consumer-Centric Scent Decoding

* Qualitative scent research with target consumers

** Qualitative and/or Hybrid (qual-quant) scent research with target consumers

IMPORTANT! At any stage, qualitative consumer scent research helps enrich the (final) quantitative validation questionnaires. Decode the relevant consumer language, at 3 levels: 1) concept-lead scent characteristics/notes  2) concept-lead emotional spaces   3) product functional cues.

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