perceiving - sensing - decoding

using EMOTIONAL Involvement for better results!

Only 5% of our decisions are made consciously. 

So, how to understand decisions we are not even aware of?

How to create new products, new services by digging into the subconscious creative potential?


Involve the senses and unlock emotional responses!


Consumer Research

Have you ever asked about the smell of a brand or the colour of a word?


Integrating a 'sensory' perspective into surveys helps to uncover consumer loyalty or product emotionality in a completely different way!


Create consumer research via the sensory lens for deeper results.


Are you 'consumer-centric' or rather 'product-centric'?


The modern (hybrid) consumer is no longer about the future. Recognizing them and their needs is essential for successful developments/innovations.


A holistic and consumer-centric development is the new challenge.


Have you ever thought with your hands or broke out of habitual thinking?


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® makes this possible! An innovative problem solving method, which is not only fun but delivers fast and long-term results!


Awaken creativity! Make workshops more interactive, participative and fun.