perceiving - sensing - solving

using sensory Involvement for better results

Only 5% of buying decisions are conscious. 

So, how do you understand decisions your customers are not even aware of?


We dig into the 95%. By using the sense of senses and emotional response, we know how to go beyond

the surface of the obvious to uncover subconscious reactions. It is not only a matter of tools or methodology.


Sensory consultancy

Sensory Branding Consultancy in product development/innovation.


Bringing an outside view to your table and helping you tap into your sensorial uniqueness. Increase consumer loyalty by the means of a true sensorial bond.

Consumer  insights

High level of Expertise in sensorial consumer research/insights.


Uncover how your consumers sense your products. Create an emotional bond by the means of a holistic multi-sensory synergy.

creative workshops

Awaken creative potential by activating or disrupting the senses.


Making brainstorming, round-table sessions, strategic or ideation processes more interactive, fun and fruitful.

Creativity inspires, inspiration creates.