perceiving - sensing - solving

using EMOTIONAL Involvement for better results!

Only 5% of our decisions are conscious. 

So, how do you understand decisions your customers are not even aware of?

And how do you create new products, new services? Do you dig into your subconscious creative potential?


By using the sense of senses and emotional response, we go beyond the surface of the obvious to uncover subconscious reactions. Getting into the missing 95% is not only a matter of tools or methodology, its also about passion and emotions!


Sensorial consultancy

Sensory Branding Consultancy in product development/innovation.


Bringing an outside view to your table, to help you tap into your sensorial uniqueness. Increase your product success by creating an emotional bond.

Consumer  insights

High level of Expertise in sensory design consumer research/insights.


Uncover how consumers sense your products. Create research with actionable results and uncover holistic multi-sensory synergies/dissonances.

Creative Thinking workshops

Awaken creative potential by activating or disrupting the senses.


Making brainstorming, round-table sessions, strategic or ideation processes more interactive-fun-fruitful.

Creativity inspires, inspiration creates.