Conscious Sensing · 06. December 2018
Great easy learnings out of 'The Best of Neuroscience' forum last week in Berlin! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand
Lego Serious Play Workshops · 25. November 2018
Normalerweise bin ich immer Lego Serious Play Kursleiterin, aber dieses Wochenende, habe ich mir gegönnt Teilnehmerin zu sein! Warum? => neue Impulse bekommen, seinesgleichen treffen, Synergie-Effekte bilden. Fazit? => es war toll!

Sensory Branding · 16. November 2018
Gamification is not just there for us 'to have fun'. There is a real science behind proving we are more innovative and productive when not under stress! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand at Jacky Liu's Innovation Game
Lego Serious Play Workshops · 05. November 2018
Lego® Serious Play®: A way we are all able to be creative and communicative!

Lego Serious Play Workshops · 31. October 2018
Lego® Serious Play®: Wie wir alle in der Lage sind kreativ und kommunikativ zu sein!
Lego Serious Play Workshops · 30. October 2018
Future Factors meet Lego® Serious Play®. How two business starters merged their strengths to help support other business starters! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Sensory Branding · 16. October 2018
"Your product expectation determines your product reality!" Product Liking is not just based on a successful product sensory, it is related to the imaginative product expectation geared through the marketing-mix. Why? Because our brain doesn't make a difference between imagination and reality! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand, Sensory Branding Consultant | Insights Expert | Researcher
Lego Serious Play Workshops · 10. October 2018
Teilnehmer-Stimmen aus den Lego Serious Play Workshops. What participants say about Lego Serious Play Workshops. MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Lego Serious Play Workshops · 23. September 2018
Disruptive Thinking? What's that?! It's all about thinking differently and by-passing the cognitive mind to dig deeper in our thoughts. It's also about using our senses in different, surprising ways to force different thinking paths. We know a lot more than we think we do! Be courageous and try out Creative-Disruptive Thinking methodologies! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand
Lego Serious Play Workshops · 11. September 2018
Was macht mich einzigartig? Diese Frage stellen sich viele Gründer/innen, die aus der Masse herausstechen wollen. Die Lego Serious Play Methode bietet eine Möglichkeit diese Frage mit Spaß und neuem Schwung anzugehen. Sich einfach auf dem Prozess einlassen und staunen! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

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