Creative-thinking workshops


"Don't look with your eyes, look with your feet. Don't think with your head, think with your hands"

Taiichi Ohno, Japanese industrial engineer and businessman

© Jan Jacob Hofmann Fotografie
© Jan Jacob Hofmann Fotografie

Build your visions, goals, ideas and share/combine with others.

Unlocking creative potential is essential to move forward, solve conflicts/problems, differentiate from competition, keep motivation and engagement at its highest!

When asked, most people think they are not creative. Truth is, we all have a creative potential, craving to to be unleashed!

LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) is an innovative methodology highly effective in unleashing creativity! Increasingly used by companies as an agile problem-solver.

LSP Workshops help participants to focus attention, open up ideas, create common solutions and make the abstract visible!

It is all about…

> Breaking habitual thinking ('think with your hands')

> Facilitating communication and team work

> Unleashing creative potential of each participant

> Enhancing innovation and creative performance

> Bringing strategic thinking a step forward!

"Employees have the best knowledge about their company's needs. Getting them to interact, share their ideas and know-how (cross-functions) via serious-play generates highly engaging results and collective innovation!"

LSP Workshop Facilitation:

- Idea generation (ideation process)
- Goal setting
- Team building
- Leadership strategy
- Vision sharing
- Values and behaviour identification
- …
Agnes Wiegand - Scent | Sensory Research & Consultancy
© Agnès Wiegand

Train the Trainer:

You would like to train your staff on 'Creative Thinking'? Have them become a Lego® Serious Play® facilitator for your own use! 

After a 3-days training, your trainer will be certified LSP trainer and able to conduct workshops for your personalised needs. 

The training package includes an individual coaching throughout first individual company workshops and even more! Interested? Contact me!

A structured process

"Creativity is not only about inventing something unknown from scratch, it's about combining existing knowledge in different ways!" 

I am a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator.

[READING] How It All Began: The Origins Of LEGO® Serious Play®'

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'Geschäftsmodelle aus Legosteinen' Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 19.12.2018

Die selbstständige Trainerin Agnès Wiegand nutzt auf den ersten Blick unübliche Methoden, um ihre Teilnehmer zu schulen. Anhand von Kinderspielzeug sollen Manager und Unternehmer ihr Firmenprofil verfeinern.