Conscious Sensing

Conscious Sensing · 06. Dezember 2018
Great easy learnings out of 'The Best of Neuroscience' forum last week in Berlin! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Conscious Sensing · 11. Mai 2018
Brainstorming in 10m height? Group Discussion in a pitch black room? Inspire your creative mind by challenging your senses through C2 immersive events! #IMEX 2018 MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Conscious Sensing · 26. April 2018
The digital era decreases our multi-sensorial experiences. The experience of SIGHT and SOUND increases (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp,...) to the detriment of the other senses. The 'cutting soap' craze shows how much people are yearning for more multi-sensorial experiences! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Conscious Sensing · 12. April 2018
Creativity Inspires, Inspiration Creates! Always stay curious and creative! MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

Conscious Sensing · 30. Oktober 2017
Haben Sie schon bemerkt, dass Ihre Befürchtungen öfters eintreten, als es Ihnen lieb ist? Manchmal reicht es andere Gedanken zu pflegen, um andere Ergebnisse zu erzielen!