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Sensory Branding · 08. März 2018
What influences consumers' purchasing decision? In my 20 years of consumer insight research, I focused on brand/product emotionality and sensory perception. All studies conducted had one same common challenge: emotional (sensory) consistency!

Lego Serious Play Workshops · 28. Januar 2018
MULTISENSING+ in collaboration and hosted by the BUSINESS CLUB FRANKFRUT TOASTMASTERS moderated a Lego Serious Play Workshop last Saturday on January 27th in Frankfurt!

Lego Serious Play Workshops · 18. Dezember 2017
Lego Serious Play meets Leadership! A workshop moderated by MULTISENSING+ in collaboration with and hosted by the Business Club Frankfurt Toastmasters.

Sensory Branding · 20. Oktober 2017
Do we only perceive fragrances through our nose? A recent study conducted by neuropsychologists at the Ruhr-University Bochum demonstrates that our brain preprocesses emotional visual information into our olfactory processing already before we smell an odor.

Sensory Branding · 10. Oktober 2017
Your subconscious mind doesn't make the difference between reality and imagination! This is why you start salivating just by the thought of a sweet juicy fruit or cry when watching a sad movie...   Involving your five senses increases your emotional connection with any experience.

Sensory Branding · 29. September 2017
A great start in the day by talking about the sense of smell to a high school class!