Thank you Business Club Frankfurt Taostmasters!

Lego® Serious Play® meets Leadership WORKSHOP

MULTISENSING+ in collaboration and hosted by the BUSINESS CLUB FRANKFRUT TOASTMASTERS moderated a Lego Serious Play Workshop last Saturday on January 27th in Frankfurt!


About 20 very motivated participants spent approx. 3 hours unlocking their creative potential!

They built lego modules, took them apart, re-built new ones, shared their module-story, discussed as a group,...

for 3 main working levels:

- What is Leadership to you?

- Where do you see Leadership in 5 years?

- Common vision: Where do you see the future of Leadership (done as a group)


A day full of sparkling eyes and 'hands on'!

A workshop where the participants increasingly gained trust in their creative potential after each working level, while being surprised to see how easily ideas and creativity unfolded.


Thanks again to all participants and to the host!


MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand


“I learned the power of simplicity”


“I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and the collaboration with the others”


“If you have no idea, just start! I take this learning with me!”


“ It was amazing to see how combining our ideas in the group created great things”