Feed your senses!

Have you heard about the new social media craze: cutting soap?!


Soap is the new slime! After the posts of people kneading slime, now they cut carved soap!

While this is supposed to be relaxing, it personally doesn't relax me at all (I am more worried about people cutting themselves (!)) BUT it shows me something far more important...
The digital era keeps us away from sensing our lives. Looking at what others do online feeds sight and sound, but not the rest of our senses!
This 'so-called soap-cutting-trend' shows me how much we need to experience more through our senses to feel the essence of life!  Indeed, cutting soap is a strongly multi-sensorial experience:
- SMELL = emotions are released (limbic system)!
- SOUND = a mood is initiated (e.g. relaxing)
- TOUCH = a feeling is nurtured (e.g. softness, warmth,...)
- SIGHT = the colour, shape opens expectations (about smell, touch, mood...)
- TASTE = you could, but probably won't!

Think about this the next time you wash your hands. Sense the whole experience of that moment....only then you'll understand what I mean by 'feeding your senses'.


Wishing you a sensorial day!


Check out the social media craze HERE!