Disrupting the senses!

Imagine you are on the highway, driving to an important meeting.

You left early, without breakfast in order to be more than on time.

And then this happens;

- traffic turns to a complete standstill,

- you realize you forgot your mobile phone at home and feel pushed back in the mid-90s

- it's 30+ degree Celsius outside

- google maps shows over 2hours delay! 

Your head turns to an emotional explosion and your sympathetic nervous system is fully turned on; fear, anxiety, fogginess, impatience, frustration, aggression, anger, lots of anger!! And then, desillusion and boredom suddenly take over.

What to do in such a situation?


I'd like to share what I did, after exactly this happened to me today. 

Luckily I always carry a book with me and I had one of my favorite ones in my bag ('Brand Sense' from M. Lindstrom). But after reading one hour in the heat, I started to doze off so I stopped. I got hungry and started looking for food in my car. I only found chewing gums, which was not really helpful. But next to the gums, I saw a red foam nose! And my bored brain immediately said "Hey, let's have fun and get out of this dozy-desillusioned-status! Disrupt the senses! Do something others don't expect you to do."


So, I put the red nose on and started looking at the people in their cars around me. And this is what happened;

- some people fully ignored me as they were still caught in their frustration and anger

- some had that "what-the-heck-is-that?" type of look 

- kids were waving and smiling

- some started to laugh and gave me an honest smile.

This was so rewarding! I felt like Santa Claus spreading happiness around him!

I forgot anger, hunger or boredom. My parasymathetic nervous system turned on, I felt fully relaxed and positively excited at the same.


In the end everything turned out all right. Luckily I was not the only one caught in this traffic jam, so the meeting had been pushed back to the afternoon. 


So, the next time you are caught in a similar situation, think about disrupting the senses to free your emotions and get rewarding results!


MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand

By the way. On my way back, guess what happened? I got stuck again for 1,5 hours! This time I immediately put the nose on and  bypassed the negative emotions :)