Sensory Marketing is the challenge!

* emotions released by the product sensory

Engaging your customer's senses makes your brand/product more emotional and loveable.

- Coke is recognised even when the bottle is broken.

- black round ears trigger the Disney mouse

- a blue round tin quickly evokes the Nivea cosmetic brand

But it is not just about the bottle, the ears or the blue colour. It's about the emotions triggered through the holistic sensorial synergy.

Enhance your customer's experience via multi-sensorial interaction. The more senses engaged, the better!

Challenge your current development processes via the sensorial lens. Streamline, simplify and keep track of your holistic impact and sensorial synergies inspiring your customer.

Add emotional expertise to your organization.

Book my expertise for… 
  • Consultancy (current sensory branding strategy review)
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Flop-Analysis via a sensorial lens to drive future success (failure culture!)
  • Speaker for knowledge-transfer 

Extract of book recommendations:

Martin Lindstrom, Free Press: Brand Sense, sensory secrets behind the stuff we buy

Martin Lindstrom, Crown Business: buy . ology Truth and lies About What We Buy

Aradhna Krishna: Sensory Marketing, Research on the sensuality of products

Tina Müller und Hans-Willi Schroiff, Haufe Fachbuch: Warum Produkte floppen: die 10 Todessünden des Marketings

Recommended lectures