Product Experience Consultancy

Our Memories are strongest when linked to an emotion.


- Coke is recognised even when the bottle is broken.

- black round ears trigger the Disney mouse

- a blue round tin quickly evokes the Nivea cosmetic brand

But it is not just about the bottle, the ears or the blue colour. It's about emotions triggered through the holistic synergy achieved across all senses. It's about the consumer's multi-sensory experience.


Is your brand/product/service emotionally charged?

Have you ever 'smashed' your brand to check 'stand alone' emotional strengths and multi-sensorial synergies?


Bring an outside view to your table of development to help you tap into your sensorial uniqueness.


Include Sensory Branding Expertise in your product development/ innovation right from the start.

HOW to include sensorial expertise in your organization?
  • Consultancy bridging marketing and R&D specifics
  • Coaching / knowledge-transfer in translating sensory to consumer emotions and customer-decision-making process
  • Review of current sensory marketing strategies
  • Analysis of past coherence challenges to drive future success (failure culture)
  • Ideation process combining cross-functional expertise (marketing - sensory - insights)

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