Consumer Research

Sensory synergy is key to emotions.

  • product sensory is more than individual perceptions
  • emotions lead to hidden 'whys'
  • new research perspectives open new doors

Deep dive into the product emotionality.
Go beyond the obvious!

Uncover consumer loyalty

via product emotionality!

> Have you ever asked about the smell of a brand or about the colour of a word?

Sensorial insights help

- understand emotional and functional decision-drivers,

- capture emotional touch-points ('moments of truth'),

- uncover how to increase product experience,

- optimize the concept fit,

- achieve clear actionable results!

"As one of the few experts in sensory marketing research, I ensure you challenge sensory synergies to generate a successful emotional impact."
  • Research Consultancy 
  • Interim Project Management
  • Moderation (creative focus groups | in-depth interviews | ... | in homes)
  • Sensorial Questionnaire Design (capturing the emotional impact od sensory disconnects)
  • Report-Writing

Discover new opportunities via a fresh analytical view of existing data!

Digging into existing consumer reports with a more emotional/sensorial perspective helps to extract strategic learning or open spaces going beyond the obvious.