Consumer Research

Create Consumer Research via the sensory lens for deeper results!


A Consumer Bond or product emotionality can be uncovered in a new, deeper way through a 'sensory' perspective.

Uncovering emotions, means reaching out for the hidden 'whys'.

Have you ever asked about the smell of a brand or the colour of a word?  Adding the scent or sensory lens in consumer research helps to better

- understand emotional and functional decision-drivers,

- capture emotional product touch-points ('moments of truth'),

- uncover how to increase product experience,

- analyze data for sensorial optimization and concept fit

- achieving clear actionable results!

Create  your research via a sensorial lens!

Get the most out of your studies. 

With 20+ years expertise embedded in scent marketing research, we have a deep understanding of the 'dos' and 'don'ts' when it comes to product research. 

HOW? Book my expertise for…
  • Market Research Consultancy | Management (clarifying sensorial briefs, research designs, project management)
  • Qualitative Research Skills 
    - moderation (e.g. creative sensorial focus groups)
    in-depth interviews
    consumer journey,
    - in homes
  • Report-Writing
  • Questionnaire design (capturing the ideal product profile, smashing brand/product elements,...)
  • International Project management