Disruptive Thinking

Disruptive Thinking? What's that?!

It's all about thinking differently and by-passing the cognitive mind to dig deeper in our thoughts.

It's also about using our senses in different, surprising ways to force different thinking paths.

We know a lot more than we think we do! But we have stored most of what we have experienced during our whole life (emotions, impressions, knowledge,...) in a place hard to access, called 'subconscious'. 


Surprising our cognitive mind by disrupting our normal way of thinking helps digging deeper into our subconscious. Doing things we are not used doing while we think, brings our neurons to look for new 'thinking-patterns'. Thus, by leaving the path of habits, we open a window to our subconscious mind and increase our thinking potential. 'Augmented Thinking'.


In the case of Lego Serious Play it is all about thinking with our hands; building, discovering a story, telling the story and discovering new potentials, new ideas.

By taking benefit of the special hand-brain connection, we think faster and come up with a new vision of our own (inner) thoughts! 


I personally am a fan of this methodology and of disruptive thinking in general. 

It is not only more fun, it is truly more effective to help leaders, teams, individuals… connect, be creative and think 'out of the box' in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere.


Be courageous and try out disruptive-thinking methodologies! Not just to be 'en vogue' but to truly discover a new dynamic and innovative way of thinking.


MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wigand, Sensory Branding Consultancy | Insights

MULTISENSING+, Agnès Wiegand
C2 Learning Sky Lab, IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt