"What the hand does the mind remembers."

 Maria Montessori

"I'd like to increase customers' long-term loyalty."

"How can I capture the unobvious to increase consumers' product emotional involvement?"

sensory design

Consumer Research & Principles

Lego® serious play®

Facilitator Certification

When do you get your best ideas?

Under the shower? In a relaxed setting? Or during a meeting, when being under pressure?


What about having meetings that are more fruitful, generate creative outcomes, deliver actionable results and are fun too?

Try thinking with your hands! Try Lego® Serious Play®.  


This Creative Thinking methodology focuses attention, unleashes creative potential and makes solutions visible.

What else? The process

- breaks habitual thinking, through serious play

- facilitates communication and team work

- activates the senses for deeper sensing (sight - sound - touch)

- enhances innovation and performance

- brings strategic thinking a step forward


This is about augmented thinking!

Build your visions, goals, ideas,... with Lego® Serious Play®.