Consumer Research

Scent | Sensory Insights

Include Scent/Sensory Research Expertise in your FMCG surveys right from the start.


Because product perception is a complexe sensorial perception. 

Digging into sensory requires knowledge. It's not just about tools.

Uncovering multi-sensorial interactions means reaching out for the hidden 'whys'.

Make your research more scent | sensory-driven by

- understanding consumers' emotions driving decisions,

- capturing products' emotional touch-points,

- uncovering how to increase (emotional) product experience,

- analyzing data for sensorial optimization and concept fit

- achieving clear actionable results!

Create  your research via a sensorial lens and get the utmost out of it! 

With 20+ years expertise embedded in scent marketing research, we have a deep understanding of the dos and don'ts when it comes to product research. 

HOW? Book my expertise in…
  • Consultancy (clarifying sensorial briefs, research designs)
  • Qualitative Research 
    - moderation (e.g. creative sensorial focus groups)
    in-depth interviews
    consumer journey,
    - in homes
  • Report-Writing
  • Questionnaire design (capturing the ideal product profile, smashing brand/product elements,...)
  • Project management
    - from client to supplier
    - m
    ulti-cultural studies support