Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights is not only about tools or methodologies. It is about uncovering multi-sensory interactions, synergies and reaching out for the hidden 'whys'.


Are you interested in making your research more sensory-driven and thus

- understand consumers' emotions in their decision-making process

- capture products' emotional touch-points,

- uncover how to increase (emotional) product experience,

- analyse data for product preference, optimization and concept fit

- deliver clear actionable results?

With 20+ years of combined expertise in scent/sensory and consumer insights. We have a deep understanding of the does and don'ts when it comes to research. 

Qualitative, quantitative, hybrid tools,... we look beyond the obvious and make sure you get the utmost out of your research.

Add a high level of Sensorial Expertise to you consumer insights/research.

HOW to include sensorial expertise in your projects?
  • Consultancy via our sensorial-lens for qualitative | quantitative | hybrid research design
  • Qualitative research (creative (sensory) focus groups, in-depth interviews, consumer journey, in homes, creative diaries,...)
  • Questionnaire design, capturing the ideal product profile, converting insights into sensory (marketing) optimization
  • Analysis, report-writing of given data (delivery of actionable results for ads/concepts, scent, texture, taste,...)
  • Project management team extension
  • Multi-cultural studies support

Contact us and describe your challenge!